Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hackers complain about

    Dungeon, West (UBI) - Hackers around the world are complaining that they cannot hack the government's new website. It appears that government computers are to blame for the problems.
    One hacker anonymously complained, "I've hacked the State Department, the FBI, and the Pentagon, but I just cannot get into"
    Another anonymous hacker posted, "[] won't stay up long enough for me to get in. I get halfway in and then boom, it's down again. I can't be expected to hit a moving target. Frstrting. >:-( "
    In a curious tweet, another hacker complained about "denial of service." There has been no response from HHS on this issue. An industry spokesperson for underground hacker networks disparaged "this latest attempt by the administration to suppress free speech and a free Internet."
    Julian Assange, Edward Snowdon, and Angela Merkel did not return phone calls requesting comments.
    When a White House spokesman was questioned about the frustration of many hackers, he explained that the crashes are a security feature of the new website.

    No one contributed to this report.

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  1. That is always the cry of the development team when bugs are discovered; they aren't bugs, they are undocumented features. :)